Frozen Macadamia Honey Butter Treats

    frozen icecream
    frozen lilikoi
    frozen liqueur

    Straight up freeze the macadamia nut honey butter in a chocolate mold and enjoy! I like the Naked and the Kona Coffee Buzz frozen together. Naked and Sweetheart Cinnamon are also delicious together. You can also freeze our macadamia honey butters with your favorite ice cream.

    Add some fruit and top with macadamia nut honey butter and freeze. I love the combination of lilikoi (passion fruit) and Chocolate Macadamia Honey Butter. If you don’t like the lilikoi seeds, strain and add only the juice. Raspberries, strawberries, pineapple (or just the juice) also pair well with our Chocolate Mac Nut Honey Butter.

    Add a little splash of your favorite liqueur to any of our macadamia nut honey butters. I used Cointreau with the Chocolate Macadamia Honey Butter and Grand Manier with the Naked and Sweetheart Cinnamon. So easy and ono (delicious)!

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