Raw Kailua Honey & Macadamia Nut Honey Butters

Aloha, and welcome to Kailua Honey! We are a very small backyard bee farm located in Kailua, O’ahu. We started beekeeping as a hobby because we noticed our plants were not being pollinated. Now, we see lots of bees around Kailua! We have repeat customers who tell us that our honey is the most delicious raw honey they’ve ever tasted. 

We also make heavenly Macadamia Nut Honey Butters and Infused Honeys in a variety of flavors using the highest quality, locally available ingredients. Our products have no  preservatives, added sugars, oils or salt . We keep it all natural, local and fresh with a few clean ingredients. We hope you will try our products. They are nutrient-dense, wholesome and onolicious (delicious)!

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ZIP code 96734, or free local pickup from Kailua.

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On orders $75 and up. $8 flat rate shipping on all other orders.

100% Raw and Local

We don't add anything to our honey, and we don't do anything to it.

Kailua Honey’s line of locally made Honey Nut Butters are broke da mouth delicious! Our Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Honey Butter come in four flavors: Naked,  Chocolate, Kona Coffee Buzz and Sweetheart Cinnamon with Vanilla Bean. We do our best to use local ingredients and support Hawaii farms. The main ingredients in our products, raw honey and macadamia nuts, are always local. We also source our cacao nibs, vanilla beans and pure Kona Coffee from Hawaii. 

Our seasonal nut butters include Festive Walnut Honey infused with Holiday flavors and Perfectly Pecan Honey Butter. Both are onolicious and made-to-order during the Holidays.

We are a three-person family business based in Kailua, Oahu and every honey nut butter is truly small batch and hand-crafted with lots of aloha. 

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Infused Honeys

Have you tried our Hibiscus Infused Honey? What about our Cacao (Chocolate), Asai-Elderberry, Ceylon Cinnamon, Guava or Haupia-Vanilla infused honeys? If you haven’t tried them, we highly encourage to try them. Not only are they delicious, they are superfoods that will boost immunity and keep you healthy.  If you need ideas on how to use our honeys or if there are any other infused honey flavors you would like to see here, drop us a line. Also, inquire about our kama’aina and military discounts. 

P.S. The honey bee in the photo is from our backyard hive! She flew over when we were photographing our products and hung around a long time, so she definitely approves of our products!

100% Raw and Local

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All of our ingredients are locally sourced and all products are handmade in Hawaii.


For our macadamia nut honey butters, we source all ingredients locally except for our new flavor, Mindful Matcha, since Matcha  is  not grown in Hawaii. 

We are member of the Made in Hawaii with Aloha ‘ohana which is a program administered by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. This program protects the integrity and value of authentic Hawaii-branded products.